John De Graham Castle

I had the pleasure of being asked to assist David Connolly (Connolly Heritage Consultancy) & Murray Cook (Stirling Council Archaeologist) along with David Smith from the Smiths Institute in Stirling. My role was to supply metal detectors along with instruction and supervision of the use of each detector. We also had a mini detecting survey with the assistance of some local detectorists which was my pleasure to meet. David and Hanah who was assisting David (Or bossing him about) with the recording with a very fancy GPS flagging the find spot and recording the target. David Smith had arranged for the kids to do a Mini reenactment of a battle with the kids from each school and the kids loved being involved in it along with the detecting.

I have since arranged a visit to a local primary school in the area to do more talks on detecting to coincide with a project the kids are doing on the Wars Of Independence which I can not wait to do.

I had an excellent two days with three forward thinking Archaeologists and would like to thank Murray Cook for arranging the event and the warm welcome. I have discussed with David Smith on a wee project after the new year so if it goes ahead I will keep you informed as it will be on the same par as the Battle Of Bonnymuir dig.


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