Toddy’s Digs are part of a Registered Company: Searching Scotland Ltd owned by Colin Todd Irvine.  Toddy’s Digs are the founders of weekly metal detecting events (Digs) in Scotland which started in 2005 as Scottish Searchers.  Scottish searchers NO longer exist so if you see that name cropping up it is NOT our digs.  We have two or three digs per week if numbers allow usually on a Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday.  We also hold other weekend events usually after harvest in September.

Toddy’s dig attendees must be insured via the NCMD or FID to attend our digs.  The cost is very cheap so please buy it not to be disappointed.

I Toddy Irvine secure all our detecting land myself to ensure that it is suitable for our attendees to search.

I offer

  • Tuition on any metal detector
  • Rental

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Toddy’s Digs are made up of a great team of very very Experienced! metal detectorists who have been with me a LONG time.

Bobby Bates has been an active metal detectorists since the 1970s and has a wealth of knowledge on Fossils, coins and artifacts.

Jim “Solas” Gosk has 30 years experience and is a fountain of knowledge and is very approachable if you need help or advice.

Rab1 works a lot of shifts but was an original member of the Scottish Searchers along with Bobby in 2005.  He uses his trusty GPX 5000.

Colin Toddy Irvine I have been detecting 30 years and since 2003 I have been heavily involved in clubs and forums but holding the Original Scottish Rallies for 7 years and digs since 2005 has kept me involved in this hobby at ground level.