Well done Hugh

It started when Alex “The Hammy Hunter” found a Gold wedding band with the date 1935 and a hallmark of 333 on it at our dig today. I stopped the farmer Scott and said that we had found the ring and did it belong to any of his family. Paul who is a Jeweler id’d the hallmark as German which added a bit of mystery to the ring. later that day I was making my way over for a cuppa and the farmers wife stopped to see the ring and inform us that her father inlaw who had passed away lost a ring on the field and could she see it.

I offered her a run up the field to find Alex in my pick up I was informing her that it was busy with finds but mostly Georgian when Fifer stopped me to inform us the Bob his brother found a lovely Bronze age Axe 3500+ years old…WOW the farmer was gobsmacked. We could not find Alex and on return JJ called me to say that someone had found a chunky gold ring !! How weird is that after a quite day, two gold rings and an Axehead now.

When we got to Hugh he showed her the ring and she burst into tears as it had GA on it standing for George Adams her Father in law. What a feeling and what a hobby. The whole family where down and the Wee mother got reunited with her Husbands ring after 30 years. I would like to thank SPRHUGH & Alex for being honest decent detectorists. I would also like to congratulate Bob on his lovely Axe find. A special thanks to the Adams Family for allowing us on their land.

– It turns out Alexs Ring could belong to a POW from the second world war as they worked on the farm



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