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Quest Q20 only £240 From Toddy


NEXT DIG: 30.8.20 stirling 

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We are Scotland’s Dig founders who started offering quality weekly digs in Scotland in 2005.  Most other dig groups have came and went in the last few years trying to imitate what we offer.  The usual is to try and DEFAME us to promote their own group.  We are a registered company and pay our taxes.  We do not try and pretend to be a club or charity as I said we are a business.  We have a solid team of staff who have been together since the start, experienced detectorists who unlike some fall out and in on a weekly basis.  Support the group that introduced weekly digs in Scotland as well as yearly weekend events.  Toddys Digs.


Meet at 0830 NO EARLIER Detecting starts at 0900 Finish at 1700

Kit rental available

£10 per detector + £5 non detecting guests. + Paypal Fee

Messages sent via Facebook messenger if you click going on the event (Only once you have paid if your not a regular) If you put your name down on the forum then you will get a pm on the forum.  If you are not on any of them then via the email you paid your paypal through.


  • Where do I buy tickets – On this page or via our Events page on Facebook 

  • Where is your next dig – Info on this page

  • When will I get information – We do not send the dig information or exact location out until the night before the dig around 8pm. The reason is in the past we sent the information out earlier and people thought they would help themselves to a free dig before we got on it.

  • How much is it – £10 or £12 per dig it depends on farm costs

  • What time does it start – We meet at 0830 and the dig starts at 0900
  • Can I bring my dog – Only once you clear it with Toddy as we might have sheep on our field. E-mail –

  • Can I bring a friend – Yes at 50% cost of a detecting ticket per guest

  • Do we park on fields – Yes, we are We do our best to provide suitable parking on the field or road but Toddys Digs are not responsible for damage to your car entering fields. 4 x 4 cars are more suited to our hobby.

  • Do I need insurance – It is NOT essential but it is a good idea to get NCMD insurance for less than £10 per year

  • What do I do with my finds – We are experts at Toddy’s digs at identifying metallic finds, we will advise you what to record at our digs and where but please read the Treasure Trove website (it is your responsibility to record your finds made at our events)

  • You must fill in your holes at our digs and leave them as you found them.

  • Do I always need to buy a ticket first – NO once you have been on a couple of digs you can pay cash at the gate.